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  • La Biosthetique Lipokerine B Shampoo

    La Biosthetique Lipokerine B  shampoo provides extremely mild and particularly gentle cleansing of dry scalps and brittle hair, as well as care, shine and softness.


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  • La Biosthetique Ergines B 100ml

    The scalp lotion Ergines B soothes tightness and irritations of dry, sensitive scalps, gently stimulates and intensively protects against dehydration.



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  • La Biosthetique Visarome Dynamique B

    Natural aromatherapy complex stimulates dry scalps, releases metabolic blockages, boosts the circulation and thus creates optimum hair growth.


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  • La Biosthetique Genesicap Plus

    The special oil regenerates dry scalps and rapidly soothes their unpleasant consequences such as tightness and irritations. Hair growth is actively encouraged.


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  • La Biosthetique Visarome Dynamique EN

    Natural aromatherapy complex invigorates the energy supply of scalp and hair roots, supplies new energy and prevents age-related impaired functions of the scalp.


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