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PCC- Protection Cheveux Complexe

A new powerful care

for your hair!

How chemical treatments are now becoming very gentle

Protection Cheveux Complexe is a new dimension in hair cosmetics. A real milestone in research and development from La Biosthétique: The revolutionary active ingredient complex protects, restructures and conditions the hair both inside and outside during and after chemical treatments. The hair structure is lastingly renewed, the hair is conditioned and sealed and regains its natural beauty.

The new formulation to combat hair breakage

Bleaches, colour and perms all have one thing in common: But, to achieve lasting results, certain structures in the hair have to be broken. Bleach decomposes the natural hair colour, whilst colour deposits new pigment. Perms change the structure and shape of the hair.. Even if everything runs smoothly during these treatments, despite protective and conditioning active ingredients,  there has always been one snag. The network in which keratin, the hair’s most important building block, is embedded, there are often breaks in some parts which make the hair more sensitive and weaker in certain areas.

PCC’s innovative formulations were created to avoid precisely this side effect: They now make the impossible possible: a concentrated molecular protection complex fills gaps inside the hair’s network, known as sulphur bonds, during the processing time of bleach, colour and perms, and deposits new keratin into these gaps or breaks in the structure. 

Without the Protection of Cheveux Complexe

With the Protection of Cheveux Complexe

The Result

Protection Cheveux Complexe at Scragg Hair

Treating  your hair with Protection Chaveux Complex at Scragg Hair is performed in three steps:

Complex 1: Complexe 1 Concentrate is added during the chemical treatment to restructure and protect the hair.

Complex 2: After the chemical treatment there is a restructuring and protective conditioning application with Complexe 2 Spray + Mask Intense.

Complex 3: Continue the protection and care at home. Regular home application of Complexe 3 Spray and Mask Vital/ Volume after the salon treatment ensures the results of Protection Cheveux Complexe last a long time. Guarantees exquisite shine, strong elasticity and sleek body.

Would you like intensive care and restructuring of your hair without any chemical treatments?  Is so, pamper your hair with a Rebuild Treatment at Scragg.

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