Bio-Fanelan Regenerant Premium Ampoule’s



Hair loss can be triggered by many different factors; genetic predisposition, sensitivity to DHT, premature aging of the hair follicle caused by free radicals, poor circulation and scalp disorders, nutritional deficits, medication, stress or age induced weakened hair to name a few.  Bio-Fanelan Regenerant Premium ampoules can help

An ampoule treatment that uses two different active ingredients to tackle hereditary, hormonal, temporary or diffuse hair loss caused by genetics, vitamin or mineral deficiencies, medication, stress and hormone disorders. Proteins, vitamins, peptides and trace elements may increase the supply of nutrients to the hair thereby, optimizing hair quality, stability and volume so hair appears thicker for longer. The non-oily formula is easily applied to the hair in sections.

10x10ml Ampoules


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Bio-Fanelan Regenerant Premium Ampoules

Healthy, full hair is regarded as a symbol of vitality, youthfulness and attractiveness. If too many hairs fall out every day, we rapidly become panicked about losing these attributes. Justifiably so because at this point it’s time to use Bio-Fanelan Regenerant Premium ampoules to effectively stop hair loss and regenerate natural hair growth.

Bio-Fanelan Regenerant Premium ampoules combats all types of hair loss.

The results say it all:

The innovative active ingredient combination results in improved cell anchorage of the hair follicles ( 146%). In addition, the energy of the hair follicles, the protection and repair mechanisms are activated, increased by up to 189%, which results in a significantly slower aging of the hair follicles (anti-aging effect).

The free radicals occurring in the hair follicles, which can trigger premature cell death, are effectively combated with Bio-Fanelan Regenerant Premium ampoules. This results in a 121% increase in hair growth.

La Biosthétique’s own Complexe Régénérant in the ampoule treatment for hair loss Bio-Fanelan Régénérant Premium provides lasting improvement, as proven by the ratio of actively regrowing hairs to lost hairs. This powerful ampoule is clinically proven to reduce hair loss by more than 33% after just two months.

In addition,Bio-Fanelan Regenerant Premium ampoules activates the cell metabolism and nourishes the hair roots.

New energy, stability and noticeable body for your hair – scientifically documented and proven! A real energy booster.

Main Ingredients

  • Complexe Régénérant: improves hair growth impulses, creates more body and thickness and a longer hair growth phase
  • Rapidly penetrating lipopeptide: actively combats premature cell death
  • A biotin-linked peptide: stimulates the metabolism.
  • A citrus fruit flavonoid: improves the microcirculation and combats patchy hair loss.
  • Olive leaf extract: additionally supports the inhibition of the 5 alpha reductase enzyme.
  • Proteins, vitamins, peptides and trace elements: boost the nourishment of the hair roots.
  • Biostimulators: improve the biosynthesis of the hair-forming cells.
  • Vitamin B: strengthens, optimises hair thickness, hair growth and hair quality.


Before the application of Bio-Fanelan Regenerant Premium ampoules , wash hair and scalp with Shampooing BioFanelan. Ideally, every second day apply the contents of an ampoule of Bio-Fanelan Regenerant Premium ampoules along the parting of the scalp and before blow-drying lightly massage in with the fingertips or leave in